Love Stories: Jacqueline and Jake

Jacqueline & Jake(1)Meet Jacqueline and Jake. Their love story has the shine of destiny. It’s been a joy to get to know this pair and to create rings imbued with meaning for them. Jacqueline, a safety specialist at Gilead Sciences, grew up in San Diego before meeting Jake at college in Tucson, AZ. Jake is an Arizona native, hailing from Phoenix. He works as a Senior Strategist at Venables Bell and Partners. These days you find them in Noe Valley, San Francisco.

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Jacqueline and Jake joined us for the Double Pour casting workshop before their wedding

Wedding Band Casting

Behind the scenes at the casting of their wedding bands

Share a little bit about your love story with us.  What gives you butterflies?

Jacqueline: We met 11 years ago at the University of Arizona in Tucson when Jake was a freshman and I was a sophomore. We were constantly running into each other without warning- even at out of state gatherings. We began to realize that maybe it wasn’t up to us and we decided not to fight it.

I don’t know about butterflies, but there are many times when we meet up after work somewhere in the city, having not seen each other all day, and we will be dressed exactly alike! We laugh a lot 🙂

You just got married.  What’s your next big adventure?

We’re currently planning a honeymoon throughout East Africa! A little safari action in Tanzania and some white sand beaches in Zanzibar.

We believe love is best seen in the everyday things.  What are your favorite daily or weekly rituals together?

We really enjoy taking strolls through our neighborhood and the surrounding areas. There are always new places popping up to discover and try out.

Tell us your drink of choice.

Jake is a mezcal guy- he likes it straight with a back of a cinnamon sprinkled orange slice. I like just about anything with jalapeño in it.

What advice would you give to couples just starting to plan their wedding? What part was the most fun?

Don’t do something just because everyone says you have to. We didn’t do flowers or any expensive decorations. We just got a couple of succulents from Home Depot and it was gorgeous! We didn’t do a traditional cake, we ordered It’s its and everyone loved them. Just be creative together and do it your way.  Without a doubt, the most fun was having everyone we loved at one hotel around a pool all weekend. It couldn’t have been more perfect.Untitled design-1

We hope you love your new rings. Can you tell us why?

The rings were made from my mother’s wedding band that she left me. She passed away 10 years ago but her relationship with my dad was one of the strongest, most beautiful examples of love I have seen to this day. Now these rings are a reminder everyday to create our own version of enduring love.

What a beautiful sentiment. It was an honor to create your bands, Jake and Jacqueline! We’re wishing you a fabulous honeymoon in Africa and a joyful life together.