Love Stories: Vaish and Teddy

Teddy & VaishFrom their 15 mile first-date hike, to the spectacular proposal moment atop Half Dome, Vaish and Teddy’s Jewelry Love Story has taken root and thrived in the great outdoors. The couple lives . Before San Francisco, Vaish’s Journey took her from India, to Dubai and Southern California.  She works as an actuary. Teddy, is a project manager from Chicago, IL. They live in San Francisco’s Hayes Valley. Their jewelry love story is a memorable, adventurous one!

T&V engagement ring

The custom engagement ring Teddy and Kendra designed

Teddy & Vaish3

Share a little bit about your love story with us.  What gives you butterflies?

Teddy: Our first date was incredible. We hiked the Dipsea Trail. It’s a 7.5 mile hike from Mill Valley to Stinson Beach. It being one way, we had to hike an additional 7.5 miles back to our cars once we got there. I knew that if we could hike 15 miles on a first date (my personal best until our engagement), then there was something special. I’ve always heard this advise of not taking a first date on any sort of physical excursion, but I’ve always been one to jump in the deep end.

Vaish: The everyday simple things like cooking dinner together until Teddy yells at me.

T: Yeah, that’s because you shouldn’t be using a paring knife to chop carrots!
Teddy & Vaish2

Will you share your proposal story?

T: Of course, like many other things, it was planned to the T and was executed horribly. The date came naturally for me, August 29th, my birthday. I’ve never been a fan of celebrating my birthday, but now I have an actual reason to celebrate on that day – our engagement. We’re both big into the outdoors so Yosemite National Park was the logical place, and what more iconic landmark than Half Dome?!

Over the course of the 34 hour adventure:

We drove 400 miles. Failed attempting to climb Half Dome at midnight (we ended up hiking to the top around 2am). Hiked 22 miles. Slept 3 hours.

Ate 3 Cliff Bars. Met up with two awesome friends at the top (Vaish thought she would surprising me for my birthday, but they were in on it the whole time).

And finally got down on one knee and popped the question at 7am.

We believe love is best seen in the everyday things.  What are your favorite daily or weekly rituals together? 

V: We ritualistically go to the climbing gym Tuesday and Thursday.

T: But that may just because of our love affairs with climbing.

V: Getting outdoors as much as possible together and trying new restaurants in San Francisco

You just got engaged! What is your next big adventure?

V: Planning the perfect wedding without getting on each other’s nerves.
T: Agreed.  I’ve learned so much, there’s a whole wiki page of things I never knew about Iyer weddings.

We hope you love your new engagement ring.  Can you tell us why?

T: I wanted to give Vaish something special and unique, and I always feel compelled to obsess over every small detail of a gift I give anybody.  This engagement ring is probably the ultimate gift for someone to receive, and I just love how one of a kind and special it is.  I had all these grand ideas and you were really able to help me materialize those thoughts into a truly one of a kind ring.
V:  I love this ring because Teddy captured exactly what I thought would be my ideal engagement ring.  It’s exactly what I had imagined, and couldn’t ask for anything else.  The best part is that he did this with no guidance from me which makes me feel that much more grateful that he knows me that well.
T: I’d love to take all the credit, but truth be told, I tried to pry as much guidance from Vaish and still felt lost.  It was really you, Kendra, who provided all the guidance in picking the stone, materials, and design of the final product.

It was a pleasure to work with you to create Vaish’s ring, Teddy! We’re delighted that the result is something you really love. Thank you for letting us be a part of your love story.

Half dome photography credit: Albert Ho (thank you!)