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Metals 101

Not an expert in jewelry metals? It’s okay, most people aren’t.  It can be hard to know what metal is a good choice for your wedding band when there are many options and they vary in color and price.  Fear not!  We have broken it down for you so you can quickly get up to […]

Love Stories: Avery and Mandy

Meet Mandy and Avery.  It was an absolute joy getting to know Avery as we worked together on a very special engagement ring for Mandy.  Avery works in creative advertising as a copywriter and met me in San Francisco by way of Denver CO.  Mandy is a mental health counselor from Twin Falls, ID.  The […]

Wedding Band Frequently Asked Questions

Hi!  You’re getting married- congratulations!  You’ve probably never bought a wedding band before, and we thought you might have some questions.  Here are some answers. Will any of the metals react with my skin? No!  We carefully choose our alloys to be very allergy friendly and to require no plating.  Some gold alloys contain nickel, […]

Love Stories: Jacqueline and Jake

Meet Jacqueline and Jake. Their love story has the shine of destiny. It’s been a joy to get to know this pair and to create rings imbued with meaning for them. Jacqueline, a safety specialist at Gilead Sciences, grew up in San Diego before meeting Jake at college in Tucson, AZ. Jake is an Arizona […]