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Working with Heirloom Diamonds

Diamonds.  They’re one of the hardest materials on earth.  They come in all shapes, colors, and qualities.  They are damn sparkly. And we’re told they’re very valuable. While diamonds will always have a market value, (okay, maybe not after the zombie apocalypse, but even then I’m not so sure) I believe we only get the true value of […]

The Custom Jewelry Process

No consumer product makes my senses tingle more than something that’s been made for me.  A leather bag that can be cut to my specifications?  Drooling.  A custom-mixed perfume?  Coveting so hard. Custom jewelry is often the most meaningful for my clients, whether because we’re using heirloom stones, or creating something for a very special […]

Jewelry Love Stories: Melissa and Danny

Melissa and Danny stumbled into my studio last year, and I had so much fun working on wedding bands for this hilarious and own-to-earth couple.  It’s easy see how much these two dig each other.   Melissa is an East Coast transplant to the Bay Area and Danny is a local.  The both work for UCSF […]

Cast Your Own Wedding Rings at Double Pour

One of the most magical and fun moments I experience with my clients is when we cast their rings together at Double Pour.  What’s Double Pour, you ask? And why the heck is it called that? Read on, my friend, and all will be revealed! I don’t mean to get all mushy-gushy on you, but […]

How To Find My Ring Size

Finding your ring size can be tricky, but it is oh-so-important when you are shopping for a wedding band or engagement ring.  If you’ve been wondering how to find your ring size, I am here to help! I created this video to walk you through the process of measuring your ring size.  You’ll also find some […]