Cast Your Own Wedding Rings at Double Pour

One of the most magical and fun moments I experience with my clients is when we cast their rings together at Double Pour.  What’s Double Pour, you ask? And why the heck is it called that? Read on, my friend, and all will be revealed!

Cast your own wedding bands with Kendra Renee

I don’t mean to get all mushy-gushy on you, but I love the symbolism of wedding rings.  They represent love, a promise, a lifelong bond.  They represent each couple’s unique relationship, each person’s unique love.  (I know, it’s smushy.  But I can’t help it!  I think it’s great.)

For something so personal and full of meaning, it feels a little counter-intuitive to pick something out of a catalog, or buy something out of a display case at the mall.  You should be involved.

I’m talking hands-getting-dirty involved.

I’m talking fire and steam, melted metal and rough edges involved.

That way, this huge important symbol that you’re going to wear on your hand every single day for the rest of your life is something that you helped create.

Double Pour

This was the inspiration for creating Double Pour.  Here’s how it works.

I work with my awesome couples to design their perfect wedding bands.  I carve their custom ring models in wax, and I take those waxes to my casting artist extraordinaire Jena Hounshell in her downtown San Francisco workshop.   My lovely, adorable couples join Jena and I in the casting studio where we alloy, melt and pour the molten gold into a one-time-use mold made from the ring models I carved.  Each couple will quench their hot mold, watching the steam and bubbles explode off of it, and reach into the fragments of the destroyed mold to pull out their brand-new gold wedding band.  It’s a pretty magical moment.

After all the gold has been poured and cast, we’ll celebrate with our second pour: champagne! (Remember?  It’s called Double Pour).   One simply cannot celebrate properly without bubbles.  I think it’s a law.

If you want to get a better sense of what Double Pour is like, here’s a little video I created.

I am so blessed that I get to make these gorgeous and meaningful objects for a living.  Please join me!  For more information, visit my Double Pour page.