• Gold and Canadian diamond handmade wedding bandHandmade diamond wedding band

    Canyon Diamond Wedding Band

  • Gold and recycled diamond handmade wedding bandUnique diamond wedding or engagement band

    Circle of Stones Ring

  • Gold, silver and diamond statement earringsGold, silver and diamond statement earrings

    Koya Earrings

  • Gold, silver and diamond necklaceHandmade gold, silver, and diamond necklace

    Koya Pendant

  • Handmade wedding band by Kendra ReneeDeeply textured wedding band by Kendra Reneee

    Cyprus Wedding Band

  • Unique White Gold Wedding Band by Kendra Renee

    Stream Wedding Band

  • Simple hammered 18K Palladium white gold wedding band handmade by artist Kendra Renee

    Hammer Texture Wedding Band

  • Wide textured wedding band by Kendra ReneeHandmade textured wedding band by Kendra Renee

    Woven Wedding Band

  • Classic Handmade Wedding BandClassic minimalist wedding band

    Classic Hammered Wedding Band

  • Rugged Handmade Wedding Band by Kendra ReneeHandmade wedding band with scratched texture

    Rugged Wedding Band

  • Organic textured men's or women's wedding bandUnique handmade wedding band by Kendra Renee

    River Rock Wedding Band

  • Rugged textured men's or women's wedding bandhandmade textured wedding ring

    Ancient Wedding Band

  • Men's Wedding Band by Kendra ReneeUnique men's handmade wedding band

    Faceted Wedding Band

  • gold crescent necklace by Kendra Renee in 14K gold and recycled diamondsSolid gold and diamond stiletto earrings by Kendra Renee

    14K Gold Woven Spear Earrings with Recycled Diamonds

  • Rose gold and recycled diamond wedding bandRose gold wedding band by Kendra Renee

    Hewn Diamond Ring