• Handmade wedding band in rose gold

    Sunrise Wedding Band

  • Unique handmade gold wedding band by Kendra ReneeHandmade textured wedding band

    Scalloped Wedding Band

  • Textural wedding band by Kendra Renee

    California Oak Wedding Band

  • 18K gold uniquely textured wedding bandTextured gold wedding band by Kendra Renee

    Slim Woven Wedding Band

  • Simple, organic gold ringOrganic textured wedding band

    Slim River Rock Wedding Band

  • 14K White Gold wedding band by Kendra Renee

    Slim Gravel Wedding Band

  • Slim, geometric wedding band by Kendra ReneeUnique textured handmade wedding band

    Slim Faceted Wedding Band

  • Delicate textured gold and silver necklace14K gold necklace by Kendra Renee

    Woven Necklace in 14K Gold

  • Silver, gold, and diamond double necklace

    Double Woven Necklace

  • Long and lean silver and gold stiletto earrings

    Woven Spear Earrings with Recycled Diamonds

  • Rustic textured earrings with diamonds by Kendra ReneeSilver, gold and diamond earrings by Kendra Renee

    Ancient Earrings

  • Everyday gold necklace by Kendra Renee

    Pyramid Necklace

  • Crescent ear climbers in 14K goldSmall textured gold earrings by Kendra Renee

    Woven Crescent Studs

  • Handmade gold and silver necklaceSilver and Gold Textured pendant

    Koya Triple Pendant

  • Silver bracelets by Kendra ReneeTextured silver cuff bracelet by Kendra Renee

    Ancient Cuff